Our Story

We started this beautiful, crazy and wonderful journey together in the summer of 2019. With a dream,  hope and a lot of prayer.  Tina and I wanted to recreate a shopping experience that time had long ago forgotten. It was as ingrained in us as the Golden Rule from our cherished childhood.

Everything  in the world today is so hurried with an instant gratification kind of attitude. We wanted a cove for our family and friends to shop and gather  to feel relaxed and have a conversation and share a few laughs about the joys in our lives. Time seems to stand still in the Cove when friends are here.

Parents and children alike affectionately call us the The Princess Store. We cherish this compliment tremendously and are thankful we are achieving our dreams. We are honored to provide a  Golden Rule Standard of service and excellence to our extended family. Our customers are the best part of Seagals Cove because they are family and we thank you for trusting us to provide quality clothing and accessories for your cherished little ones.